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Getting bored with your existing set up in your house? The Answer could be to do the new interior design..

Do you know that to keep old furniture makes a monotonous life? Do you bother to look at the same furniture all the time? Do you feel that all the furniture in the house coming through you due to the limited space?

New design of your house could be a new start of your life. There is no secret to it, even though you use the same old furniture but make sure that professional interior designer that can design your house as it is brand new.

Throughout 10 years of marriage we realized that professional interior design is the necessity. We decided that to keep this in mind all the time, we wanted to have professionals who could match our taste of design. You don’t need to worry about you have limited space any more. We promised ourselves to make changes in our life.

Our new house design is wonderful that we had a party with old friends. We used to sit on the old couch and chit chat with the friends talking about how the life becomes boring with existing furniture. We used to exchange woman and interior design magazines to improve our way of looking to the house environment for the functionality perspective. I was advised to get professional house interior design company service.

We never tried professional interior designer before, but we got referral about and we did some research about their previous deliveries before engaging with them. They are just exceeded our expectations by offering to us with different style of design to test our taste. Since all of our friends confirmed that we should have done this drastic change in our life before with the newly designed house. We have opened a new chapter in our life. All thanks go to the My Premise Solution Interior Design Company.
Beatrice Lu Chan, 38.

100 % customer satisfaction – if you find out that the offered design is not for your taste, we can do new design for you till you find your suitable taste for the sake of all family members.

Professional Interior designers – We provide high taste of all kind of design with utilizing limited spaces to convert into the functional usage.

Responsibility – our responsibility is your satisfaction. We are happy to give you a free consultation of our design to understand your taste better.

Value added solutions to your budget – we use some of your existing furniture to turn them into a new look with our elegant touch of your design.

Uniqueness of your design – we tailor it for you. You can’t see anywhere else accept in your own house.

Call to action – To have a gorgeous house, we recommend you to use a professional interior design company even if you choose not to engage our service.

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Enjoy a total peace of mind when you hire us. Because Happy Penguin Aircon offers a “100% money-back guarantee” assurance when you engage our service – so there is ZERO risk on your part!

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They offered couple of designs for my commercial office. I was thinking something else but they found what I have been asking for many years. Highly recommended for the office owners try their professional services.

Abdul Aziz

Very professional interior design company. Highly recommended for residential and commercial decoration. They have huge portfolio to share with you.

Jian Yong

Great service. Now we can get marry with peace of mind. All of our headache questions are gone. Highly recommend for engaged couples. Rating 5 stars.


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