Can we find out a new “topic” in the expression of national style today? From an objective point of view, interior design in Malaysia too much for the national style will fall into or into the narrow path. In the new interior space design, there is a traditional culture as the basis. New national styles naturally arise in the new interior space. In a new era, the national style has in fact been transformed into a global pop culture of the world to a certain extent.

People can observe the modern style interior space. In essence, the current world pop style is the reflection of various layers of the traditional style of the human race.

Today’s national designers are creating regional styles based on local development speed and cultural basis. A large percentage of this regional style is the international pop style. Her scent drifts into any corner of the world. Every space designer has a different reflection of her. The designer himself is a scale.

No matter in any environment, we must take this scale (original proportion), and compare and analyze the proportion and scale of the space in which we live. It takes time to become a professional habit.

Design awareness is a kind of occupational habit that is gradually observed in daily life in space, environment, form, and proportion. The dialogue with the times is not for everyone to succeed. It’s not hard to imagine how difficult it is to design a work.

Different spaces, different design requirements, and guidance to give people the ability to dialogue are the way designers seek in design. Interior space design is like the relationship between people’s clothes. People are thinking about their own clothes for the next time. However, it is truly possible to find a dress that suits one’s body, reveals one’s own style, and expresses one’s own personality.

This reflects a sense of comprehensive cultivation and knowledge, not everyone can find it. The completion of indoor space design works, listening to the users and viewers is the best solution.

Finding a suitable environment for a modern interior space and exploring the design of the interior space environment is a task for every designer to pursue space performance in the field of environmental space design. It is necessary to change and guide the whole society’s new understanding of traditional concepts.

In the real environment, find a new way of expression of Malaysian national style. In the course of long years of history, the people’s buildings must have the essence that suits today’s society and culture.

They will try to find new forms of expression and find it to release a space for the development of national style in the field of space design.

The addition of copying ancient civilization symbols to interior design objects is the most important thing in design. The historical scent of civilization floated into the modern architectural space, while the fragrance also floated into the interior space.

This scent refers to a certain degree of incorporation of the traditional spirit. It is an era style that is based on the digestion and understanding of traditional culture. This is what the designer wants today.