After nearly two months of project training and one-month company internship, I’m honored to be an official employee of the company from an interior design intern. I would like to thank me for this. No mater teachers and companies, without you care and education, there is no room for me to be a better place to grow because I love interior design and secretly set myself a goal: to be a good interior designer.

After three years of school study and social internship, I felt that interior design was a comprehensive discipline. We should understand the comprehensive application of interior design and aesthetics from the perspectives of space, color, and materials; pursue the readability and interest of space to reflect it.

Cultural meanings;
Understand the characteristics of color; use individual applications of color in design; understand the characteristics of materials, the color of materials, the texture of materials and their applications; and consider and understand the choice of interior furnishings from the perspective of the overall interior design and

Interior design space, color, materials, and furnishings are the focus of interior design. Its purpose is to create an ideal living space for people based on their physiological and psychological needs.