People come from nature, and “feeling nature” will give designers inexhaustible inspirational resources. “Advocating nature and returning to nature” has become fashionable. Many natural scenes have become the main material of interior design.

Such as tropical rain forest plants, wild animal patterns, colorful fish under the sea world, natural texture of stone walls and so on. Tranquil pastoral life, warmth and friendship, and elegant classicism. In short, as a professional of interior design, there should be higher cultural qualities.

In the face of an open world, we must strive to develop our own vision and find inspiration for art and design from all angles. Cultural monuments, primitive culture, African wood carvings, underwater worlds, tropical jungles, ethnic legacy, animal worlds, etc., are all sources of inspiration for interior design. All of these have played an inestimable role in broadening our design ideas and displaying unique personal styles.