The development status of interior design or so called indoor space design ┬áis developing rapidly. The concept of “traditional” is developing toward obscurity. The world’s popular culture interior space designers are increasingly focusing on the creation of “commonality”.

There are several eye-catching places in the design of interior spaces. Such as the upgrading of large-scale complex commercial facilities, the aroma of history and culture, the application of natural materials, and the application of high technology, Malaysia has made great progress in the design of interior space in the past 50 years.

In the future, it should be the creation of an international new cultural environment. To pay more attention to it, the new development of ethnic style is a topic that designers from all over the world are pursuing.

Modern society simply says something is a national style that makes people laugh. The appearance of new style is also the arrival of new culture. Properly maintaining the characteristics of regional culture to a certain extent is to leave traces of history for future generations and future generations. Using the aroma of traditional cultural ideas, works created with today’s science and technology will naturally produce new nationalities. Culture and style, her world culture is both the pursuit of national comprehensive innovation and exploration. The popular style of modern world interior space design is a new style of national coexistence and common pursuit. The value of traditional understanding, including cultural history, folk history, political history, military History, economic history, architectural history, history of science, history of technology, history of education, and other human activities History in all aspects.

Modern interior space design is a large, intuitive, vivid and comprehensive history book that exists in the space environment. Modern interior space design has a rich memory because it is the fruit of human civilization. It includes individuals, peoples, nations and nations, some of which reflect the health foundation of the pulse of the new era of mankind.

The beauty of modern interior space design is worth advocating, admiring and developing, and it also makes the city and the countryside ever-changing, and the business environment is continuously upgraded.

This is not what any contemporary planning, architectural planning, architectural space, or design can do. It is a kind of beauty that can fully integrate the sense of history and the sense of modern civilization. The development of interior space design inspired people. Wisdom and value, including the creative thinking of the enlightened architects. Artists, writers, historians, philosophers, and even scientists, can design what they feel and learn from the interior space.

Unfortunately, they are currently developed too lopsidedly. Ignore the cultural grades, resulting in misfortune. The traditional and modern space caused by the plan, the new national style definitely does not use one or two kinds of symbols in the traditional culture, and the new national style should grow into a new space in the growing environment. The flowers come in. This requires her speed, intelligence to be more scientific, and more perfect to reflect reality.